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        Exploring the target amount SIP calculator in detail

        We all have goals in life, don’t we? It could be their dream house, studying in their dream college, or a lavish wedding, and so on and so forth. And, we all need to make a move at some point to achieve that goal. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in mutual funds is an amazing investment option to build wealth in the long run.

        Financially speaking, the target amount SIP calculator is used to figure out the amount of SIP you would have to start with to attain your target amount or your desired goal. It empowers you to make more informed decisions that can in turn help you build the right portfolio with mindful savings. As the amount of SIP would depend on your goals, the SIP target calculator can enable you to navigate smoothly through your investment journey.

        Why should you use a target amount SIP calculator?

        If you are someone who is looking forward to starting small but regularly then SIP is a great investment avenue for you to earn decent returns in the long run. Not only does it offer tremendous benefits like liquidity, flexibility, rupee cost averaging, diversification, discipline, tax benefits in ELSS, professional management, etc., but it is fairly simple and hassle-free to start with. With a leading investment platform like Investifyd, you can get started in just a few clicks.

        An SIP target calculator is simple and easy to use. To find out the monthly amount that needs to be invested as an SIP, you just need to fill in a few inputs like your,

        • Target amount (goal amount) that you want to achieve,

        • Tenure or no. of years in which you want to achieve your goal,

        • Approx returns that you are expecting.

        Please note that you should always start an SIP early as a delay in SIP today can cost you too much in the future. Look at ourSIP delay calculatorto determine how much a delay in starting an SIP can cost you. Talk to us to know more!

        Benefits of using target amount SIP calculator at a glance,

        • Helps in identifying SIP amount.

        • Instant and quick results.

        • Easy to use and comprehend.

        • More informed investment decisions.

        • Unlock insights on estimated returns.

        How to use a target amount SIP calculator?

        You can use our SIP target calculator to get quick insights on your investment in just a few clicks. Once you put in the values you can also schedule a quick call with our experts to know more about it. We ensure the entire investment process is seamless and smooth with utmost transparency and end-to-end support. At Investifyd, we strongly urge you to read all the scheme-related documents thoroughly before investing.

        Why should you invest in an SIP with Investifyd?

        nvestifyd is your one-stop destination for all your financial goals through SIPs as we have got you financially covered. With us, you can hassle-free plan your SIP investment based on the amount and tenure you want to start with. We have a team of experts with a decade-long experience in the financial domain and deep industry expertise in ascertaining your risk profile before suggesting any aggressive or conservative fund. Not only that, we understand your goal and share our insights based on what you are looking forward to achieving through your investment. Start dreaming for a future that you have always wished for by leaving your SIP-related hassles, planning, and management to us.

        We would love to answer all your questions. Our support team is always available for you to resolve your queries, please contact us at

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