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          Leverage SIP delay cost calculator to know how much a delay can cost you

          An SIP delay cost is the amount of money that you could have earned if you would have started your SIP early. Starting an SIP early yields you tremendous financial benefits, one of which is compound interest. Compound interest helps in boosting your potential returns as your returns from the previous investments are reinvested to earn their own returns (generating returns on returns) which helps in growing your invested amount exponentially over the stipulated time period. Starting an SIP early helps whether you are planning to retire early, planning for your child’s education, or marriage, etc as over the time period compounding effect can help you build a significant corpus.

          Why should you use a SIP delay cost calculator?

          In the SIP delay cost calculator, the cost is calculated by multiplying the number of days of delay with the average daily return for the investment tenure. You need to invest with a larger amount if you want to make up for the delay cost in SIP. which otherwise would have not happened if you had started early. This calculator sheds light on how much you stand to lose if you delay your SIP by a few days or months. The SIP delay cost calculator online is a great and easy-to-use automated tool to avoid delays. You simply need to put in the investment amount you would like to start your SIP with, no. of years you want to stay invested, expected returns, and delay in months.

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          SIP delay cost calculator FAQs

          • Is there any ‘right time’ to start my SIP?

            No. You can start an SIP anytime as per your convenience as you don't need to speculate or focus on the NAV or timing of investment as you are benefitted in both the situations when the market is low (more units) and when the market is high. However, it is suggested that you should start an SIP as early as possible to get the best returns in the long run. Please refer to the SIP delay cost calculator to better understand how much a delay in starting an SIP could cost you.

          • Should I invest in SIP with a long-term time period and growth objectives?

            Yes. As it involves investing smaller chunks of money on a regular basis, you could see good returns or create corpus only when you have given sufficient time to your SIP. For example, you start an SIP of 2,000 per month for 18 years at an expected annual return of 12%, then the amount you could get after 18 years would be approximately 7,78,580 (after adjusting with inflation); that’s the power of SIP. Please refer to our SIP calculator to know more.

          • Why should I invest in SIP?

            SIPs are a great financial tool to invest a small amount of money on a regular period to get good returns in the long term by creating a corpus. It offers transparency, liquidity, tax benefits (tax saving funds), rupee cost averaging among other advantages.

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