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      Leverage the PPF calculator to calculate your maturity amount

      Investifyd has made investments simpler for you so you can achieve your financial goals smoothly, seamlessly, and successfully. PPF is a trusted investment avenue by millions of Indians to earn returns and save tax. It is a government-backed saving scheme wherein you can also take a loan against your PPF account, which makes PPF even more appealing. Our user-friendly PPF calculator can comprehend complex figures to help you get an idea of how much interest you can earn by investing your money in PPF in the form of maturity value.

      How to use the PPF calculator?

      You need to simply put the frequency of your investment, PPF investment amount , current PPF interest rate, and duration of investment to get your answer in just a few clicks and seconds.

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      Why should you use a PPF calculator?

      • If you have a PPF account, you would definitely be eager to learn the tentative amount you would be getting after the stipulated period of time. You can keep track of your investment growth.

      • PPF calculator enables you to get a fair idea of the maturity amount that you could earn by investing your savings into PPF by leveraging the power of compounding.

      • It helps you plan for yourtax management better as PPF yields tax benefitsas well (under Section 80C). As these calculators are automated, manual errors can be avoided.

      PPF calculator FAQs

      • Should I go for FD or PPF?

        An FD has a much lesser lock-in period than a PPF. If you are looking forward to investing for the long term, PPF could be a good option.

      • When will my investment mature?

        The lock-in period in PPF is 15 years from the date of beginning.

      • Can I extend the tenure of my PPF account?

        Yes. Once the lock-in period of 15 years is over, you can extend the maturity of your PPF account for a block of 5 years. You can build a sizable wealth in the long run.

      • What does Exempt-Exempt-Exempt mean in PPF?

        PPF investment falls in the Exempt-Exempt-Exempt category, which means that interest earned and the maturity amount are exempted from taxes.

      • What tax benefits does PPF offer?

        PPF account provides tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. You can get tax deductions up to Rs. 1.5 lakh on the amount you invested.

      Why should you invest with Investifyd?

      Investifyd is your one-stop destination for all your financial goals through mutual funds as we have got you financially covered. With us, you can hassle-free plan your investments based on the amount you would like to start with and tenure. We have a team of experts who have a decade-long experience in the financial domain and deep industry expertise in ascertaining your risk profile before suggesting any aggressive or conservative fund. Not only that, we understand your goal and share our insights on the basis of what you are looking forward to achieving through your investment. Start dreaming for a future that you have always wished for by leaving your investment-related hassles, planning, and management to us.

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