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          Leverage lumpsum calculator to calculate your returns on lumpsum investments

          Mutual Funds as the most popular financial and investment tool are broadly categorized into lumpsum and SIP. In a lumpsum investment, you invest a substantial amount of money whereas in an SIP you invest a small amount on a regular basis. As lump sum investments are a great avenue to seek growth in the long run, it is paramount to get an idea of how much returns you can expect from the investment. For that, you can use our lumpsum calculator online to get estimated returns on your lumpsum investment in mutual funds.

          Why should you use a lumpsum calculator?

          If you are thinking about making a lumpsum investment in mutual funds then a lumpsum calculator is a great tool that you can use to calculate the future value of your current investment. A lumpsum calculator is a simple and easy-to-use online tool where you just need to simply put the investment amount, the time period for which you would like to stay invested, and the expected rate of return. These inputs will give an estimated return that you could get on your lumpsum investment in a particular mutual fund scheme. You can change the variables accordingly as per your comfort. A lumpsum calculator helps you to plan your finances better on the basis of the estimated returns you are likely to earn.

          Lumpsum calculator FAQs

          • What is a lumpsum investment?

            A lumpsum investment is a one-time investment, unlike an SIP which is a recurring investment. However, you can do a lumpsum investment multiple times as per your financial needs and goals.

          • Does lumpsum investment enjoy the benefit of rupee cost averaging?

            No, a lumpsum investment doesn’t have the benefit of rupee cost averaging that SIP offers.

          • What factors should I consider while making a lumpsum investment decision?

            You need to scrutinize factors like your current income, tenure, amount, risk appetite, and investment goals before getting started.

          • Are returns fixed?

            No. Kindly note that a lot of factors come into play at the macro and micro level that have an impact on a scheme’s return, please read the scheme-related information carefully before investing.

          • Should I make a lumpsum investment for the long term or short term?

            It is advisable to invest in lumpsum for the long term.

          Why should you invest with Investifyd?

          Investifyd is your one-stop destination for all your financial goals through mutual funds as we have got you financially covered. With us, you can hassle-free plan your investments based on the amount you would like to start with and tenure. We have a team of experts who have a decade-long experience in the financial domain and deep industry expertise in ascertaining your risk profile before suggesting any aggressive or conservative fund. Not only that, we understand your goal and share our insights on the basis of what you are looking forward to achieving through your investment. Start dreaming for a future that you have always wished for by leaving your investment-related hassles, planning, and management to us.

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